Lyoto Machida Proves Martial Arts Philosophy

By Kevin Davidson
Lyoto Machida
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Lyoto Machida walks to the Octagon like a holy man walks to a religious monument.

It is absolutely gorgeous. Machida knows that the Octagon is holy ground; at least to him it is. He shows so much respect for what types of war takes place in there in victory and defeat. Machida showed the utmost respect to Mark Munoz last night right after he knocked out Munoz with a sneaky left high kick. It planted Munoz directly on his back and then Machida restrained himself from hitting his opponent.

Machida then simply got up, turned around to Munoz and bowed. It was beautiful.

In a sport where brutality and aggression will get you further in your career, it is a breath of fresh air to see so much respect. The last time anything like that happened had to be when Brian Stann told the referee that Alessio Sakara was knocked out and did not deliver any last-minute blows.

The media, Dana White, and the fans praised Stann’s actions and it remains part of his legacy to this day. The same has happened to Machida; he has received praise from the top down.

Munoz and Machida have trained together and have been friends for a while. Machida though, being a samurai, decided to take the fight and really show his warrior spirit. It was the spirit of competition that made these two athletes fight. They agreed to put aside their feelings for the time that they were in the Octagon and hit each other with bad intentions.

It happened, and Machida seemed really emotional afterwards about doing it to his friend. That fight just proves that Machida is a true martial artist and respects everything that goes down on his sacred turf.

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