Tito Ortiz Needs To Stop

By Kevin Davidson
Tito Ortiz
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

What else can be said that has not already been said? Tito Ortiz is over the hill, he needs to retire, he is too beat up, etc.

Yeah, all of this was said when he did retire. Ortiz was able to battle back from a rocky relationship with his fans and with UFC President, Dana White. He accomplished something that not many athletes get to do: he retired with respect. Ortiz’s body had simply given up on him; it was too beat up to continue to train. The next thing you know, Ortiz gets surgery and starts to feel great again, and he wants another fight.

Who is there to snatch him up? Bellator. Of course.

Ortiz was back in action. He was talking trash about the UFC, making headlines all over the place and promoting the fight with Rampage Jackson. Things were going well. What happens next, you ask? Take a wild guess. Yeah, Ortiz pulled out of the fight because he got hurt.

We all should have seen it coming. I think I was just too caught up with seeing Ortiz back. I was happy for him; he was doing what he loved, and everyone wants that. Then he pulled out of the fight and I completely changed my attitude.

I understand that he wanted another shot at glory, maybe even retire with a win. I’m happy that someone gave him a chance to do that, but Ortiz has said it himself that his body cannot take that type of damage now. It is a sign that his “comeback” was a mistake. Ortiz needs to just stop training and stop trying to come back. He should focus on his clothing company and stop trying to compete.

He may still have the fire, but his body cannot take it and there is no shame in that. Hopefully, all of the organizations notice that and will let him enjoy his retirement.

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