Steve Carl Win a Loss for WSOF

By Anthony Cloud
Photo via Steve Carl Facebook Page

As a whole, World Series of Fighting 6 was a success for the company. Jon Fitch rebounded from his loss to Josh Burkman and Marlon Moraes wowed the crowd with an exciting knockout victory, as many predicted he would. The only negative from the event was in the main event when Steve Carl defeated Burkman for the inaugural welterweight title.

Carl is not the champion that WSOF was expecting when they made the match. Looking at the hype for the event, it was all Burkman. They have been pushing Burkman’s stock ever since he defeated Fitch in June.

Burkman was supposed to be the new “People’s Champ.” Now the WSOF is stuck with a champion that is kind of lackluster when it comes to the personality department. His post fight interview, albeit maybe true, didn’t really show a champion persona.

When we look at other champions across the MMA platform (Bellator and UFC), champions carry a swagger, whether it be cocky or humble/accomplished. Carl didn’t give off that vibe after a victory that he should have appreciated. He put a downer on the situation.

There is not doubting Carl’s submission game as he is a great submission artist in the WSOF. Looking at the rest of the division, Carl has the tools to win his next one or two fights for sure. The question is will the first welterweight champion of the WSOF be able to handle the pressure of being the organization’s first champion? Ray Sefo sure hopes so.

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