Should Rampage Jackson Be Happy?

By Kevin Davidson
Rampage Jackson
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Recent news has indicated that Tito Ortiz has had to pull out of his Pay-Per-View headline bout with Rampage Jackson. Anyone who has followed MMA in the past three could have seen this coming. Ortiz promises that he is 20 years old again, trash talk, etc. Yet, he is injured. Ortiz duped us again, but we have lost focus on someone else, his opponent, Jackson. How does Jackson feel about all of this? Is he happy? Sad? What should he be?

Seeing as Joey Beltran has stepped in to fight Jackson, Jackson has to be pretty excited. This is, by far, the easiest fight that could have come this way. It is pretty obvious that Bellator wants Jackson to win this fight because he is not going up against any old no-namer with everything to prove; instead they throw in Beltran, who is freshly cut from the UFC, on one mean losing streak, and has a willingness to stand and throw leather. All of these factors add up to Jackson winning by devastating knockout. I do not mean to count Beltran out of this fight altogether because every fighter has a punchers chance. Beltran has that chance in spades. He has some serious power and could, although unlikely, catch Jackson and knock him out.

What about the money though? Is it out of the question to assume that Jackson is getting dollars on how many people buy this fight? It is not out of the question at all. Jackson was definitely getting a cut of the Pay-Per-View revenue and now that Ortiz is out, Jackson is out of, potentially, thousands of dollars. It stinks, but that is the fight game for you. All in all, Jackson has a lose-lose situation in front of him. He is fighting a sever underdog who he is supposed to destroy, I’d probably make less money, and now he has to fake interest in the fight to promote it. Thanks for nothing, Ortiz.

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