UFC: Anthony Pettis Will Never Fight Like Diego Sanchez And Gilbert Melendez

By Jeremy Green
Anthony Pettis UFC
Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez are coming off an impressive war with each other. It was a three-round battle where both fighters seemed content to go toe-to-toe, putting on one of the more exciting fights to ever happen in the UFC. It was a great war, but Anthony Pettis, the current lightweight champion, is not a fan of that type of fighting style. In an interview on B.J. Penn Radio, Pettis shared his thoughts about their bout:

“That’s not my fight. You’ll never see Anthony Pettis in a fight like that. I’m too intelligent, too skilled and too versatile to be standing with someone toe-to-toe. It was pretty entertaining … it’s just not really my style.”

Pettis is one of the most dynamic strikers in all of MMA. Rarely ever does he get hit by big shots, which is a testament to the type of striking techniques and movement he possesses. Ever since he joined Duke Roufus, he has been able to harness his striking skills, and he is now the lightweight champion of the world.

Wars are fun to see in MMA, but it’s not always going to benefit the fighters, especially in terms of their health. It’s refreshing to see a fighter such as Pettis, take a more cerebral approach to fighting, as it prevents the fighter from taking unnecessary damage. Pettis is set to take on Josh Thomson, and it’s going to be fun to see him implement a smart, effective striking strategy when he looks to defend his belt.

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