Michael Chandler Will Beat Eddie Alvarez Convincingly

By Anthony Cloud
Photo via Michael Chandler Facebook Page

Their first meeting was astounding, but their second fight might not be. When Michael Chandler and Eddie Alvarez step inside the cage tonight, the result will be the same. Chandler will beat Alvarez, and will do so in convincing fashion.

The first time the two fighters met, Chandler was pretty much new to the game. He was a fighter who depended heavily on his wrestling and wasn’t too impressive on his feet. Alvarez had years of experience on the younger fighter, having started his MMA career in 2003. Alvarez was considered as one of the top lightweights outside the UFC.

It was a back and forth fight for the most part, but Chandler came out on top. He will do so again, but this time it will be a breeze. Alvarez won’t have some of the advantages as he did in the first fight, which will only lower his chances of keeping the fight close.

Chandler will still have the advantage in the wrestling department. He is strong for a lightweight, even though Alvarez can match it; his wrestling technique is flawless. If Chandler wants Alavarez on the mat, he will be able to put him there.

Chandler will be able to match Alvarez on the feet. Fight after fight, Chandler has improved his stand up game. Alvarez can still out punch Chandler, but Chandler’s elusiveness will be able to counter Alvarez’s punch output.

The biggest advantage Chandler will have is experience. Sure, Alvarez is the more seasoned fighter, but he has also spent the past year in a contract struggle. His last fight was Oct. 12, 2012. There is a good chance Alvarez’s mind won’t be in the right place, and Chandler is an opponent you have to focus on.

The prediction is that the fight will at least make it into the late second to early third round before Chandler catches Alvarez again and win via TKO/KO.

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