Frankie Edgar In A Lose-Lose Situation

By Kevin Davidson
Frankie Edgar
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Frankie Edgar is a former world champion. He has never failed to put on an exciting fight and always shows plenty of heart. In the past couple years though, he has found himself in a weird spot. He lost his belt to Ben Henderson and failed to re-capture it in his rematch. He was then offered an immediate title shot if he dropped a weight class, which he did. He lost that fight to a close decision.

Now, Edgar finds himself stuck in a division where he has already lost a title fight and just won against Rafael Dos Anjos. This is where B.J. Penn enters the fray.

Penn was, at one time, an absolute terror. He not only defended his belt, but he destroyed the challengers in front of his way. He beat up Joe Stevenson so bad that Stevenson literally cried in the Octagon after it was over. Let me say that again: he broke a professional fighter so badly that he cried after the fight. I do not wasn’t to glorify that though; I just wanted to merely use it as an example of how talented Penn was.

Penn has come out of retirement to coach opposite of Edgar on the Ultimate Fighter, and the two will fight after the season — and that stinks for Edgar.

Not only has Edgar defeated Penn twice, but he did so handily. It is completely clear that Edgar just does not have an opponent that will generate interest, so they give him another big name. It is clear that this is a dangerous fight for Edgar because Penn is never truly out of a fight.

But where is the payoff for Edgar for taking this fight? Beating Penn? He has already done that. I think that this is simply a fight to keep Edgar active and to give him another big fight. Hopefully, he will be able to avoid these situations in the future.

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