Rory MacDonald Is Going to Turn a Corner

By Kevin Davidson
Rory MacDonald
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The man who once called himself “The Waterboy” has truly turned himself into a machine. Or, I suppose a more fitting comparison would be that he turned himself into a killer. There has been a lot of press about Rory MacDonald’s coldness in the cage and outside of it. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! I, for one, think it is awesome. He handles his fight like it is pure business; he goes into the Octagon to efficiently beat his opponent, says thank you, and leaves. It is chilling. But, he has a challenge on his hands with his next opponent, Robbie Lawler, in terms of strategy.

Lawler is aggressive, and he hits very hard. This is something new because most people get a little too cautious when they fight a guy like MacDonald because they do not want to get countered; I do not think that Lawler is one of those people. Lawler believes that he can take your punch and then hit you with his that is going to hurt you way worse than you hurt him. This poses and interesting situation for MacDonald because the only person who ever did that to MacDonald was Carlos Condit, and Condit ended up winning that fight.

Could MacDonald jab his way to victory again like he did over Jake Ellenberger? It is possible but unlikely, Lawler is too aggressive and too stubborn to get picked apart from the outside. What does this mean? MacDonald has to engage and he has to do it immediately. We have never seen MacDonald have to do that before so this could be a very interesting bout. Maybe we will see a MacDonald that we have never seen before, maybe we will see a killer who has turned a corner in his career and becomes a finishing machine. Either way this turns out, we are going to end up seeing a different side of MacDonald and that is enough to make me excited.

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