Top 5 Current UFC ‘Blood And Guts’ Performers

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5 Current UFC competitors who are most likely to be involved in a bloody battle

Diego Sanchez
Tom Szczerbowski USA TODAY Sports

With the scares of Halloween week and all those gory slasher flicks and ghost movies, I thought it would be an interesting time to pursue a top-five list that is kind of tied to those themes. All fighters who step into the UFC Octagon, no matter their career records, deserve plenty of respect for the toughness they’ve had to show in their training and in their fighting skills to get to that esteemed level.

However, there are some who seem to exceed all you can ask for with what they give of themselves in the fight game. It’s their ability to absorb punishment and the will to keep on going until the bitter end that includes them on this list.

These are the fighters that have thrilled fans during their careers time and time again, and are usually ones you are enthusiastic about seeing whenever they are in action. The five men on this list include former champions and title challengers, while another is there for the career pedigree that he’s had in regards to the Fights of the Night honors that he has garnered.

All of these fighters have been in some unforgettable battles during the course of their careers, and still continue to perform at a high level. While there are obviously a host of candidates that could be pinpointed for this particular list, I truly believe that these individuals are warranted when it comes to the top five current UFC 'blood and guts' performers. Whenever these fighters are in action, you can usually bank that there will be blood spilled and a tremendous amount of courage will be shown, regardless if they win or lose.

Rick LaFitte is an MMA Writer for Rant Sports

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5. Sam Stout

Sam Stout
Tom Szczerbowski USA TODAY Sports

Stout doesn’t have the greatest win-loss record, but he has shown during the course of his career an ability to be involved in tremendously exciting fights. While his nickname may be “Hands of Stone”, it’s his granite chin that has stood out the most. Stout has been involved in a number of grueling wars during his UFC career, including a terrific trilogy with Spencer Fisher. He’s amassed six Fight and Knockout of the Night bonuses. Most recently, Stout showed his grit and determination albeit in a losing effort to James Krause at UFC 161. That bout earned him his latest Fight of the Night honor.

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4. Martin Kampmann

Martin Kampmann
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Kampmann is the fighter where you just know the blood will flow at some point whenever he steps into the cage. The Danish fighter is tremendously tough and has been in some wild fights. Kampmann has shown himself to be a come-from-behind threat as well. There have been fights where he’s been on the brink of disaster, only to rally for exciting victories. The "Hitman's" victory over Jake Ellenberger immediately comes to mind. His most recent effort was a loss against Carlos Condit in a brutal fight at UFC Fight Night 27. Kampmann showed tremendous heart and determination until he was finally finished in the fourth round.

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3. Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar
Gary A. Vasquez USA TODAY Sports

The former lightweight title holder and current featherweight contender is a guaranteed all-action warrior no matter who he is fighting. His most recent win was against Charles Oliveira at UFC 162 in his latest Fight of the Night effort. Edgar’s blood and guts description was on full display in his amazing title fights against Gray Maynard. Seemingly out on his feet in both fights, he rallied for a draw in their first title clash, and then ended their sensational trilogy with a decisive knockout victory. He has seven Fight of the Night performances.

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2. Joe Lauzon

Joe Lauzon
Gary A. Vasquez USA TODAY Sports

Lauzon has been in his share of bloody battles during the course of a lightweight career that has seen him in the Octagon against most of the best that the 155-pound class has to offer. Lauzon has been a bonus machine during his career, amassing 12 post-fight bonuses for either Fight, Submission or Knockout of the Night. That ties him all-time with the legendary Anderson Silva. One of his more vintage performances was in a decision loss to Jim Miller. Their sensational Fight of the Year bout at UFC 155 saw Lauzon show enormous heart to make it to the final bell even though his face was a mask of blood.

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1. Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez
Andrew Richardson USA TODAY Sports

There is something truly frightening in the amount of punishment that Sanchez is able to take and still come back swinging. The standout fighter has provided thrilling affairs during his career in both the lightweight and welterweight divisions, and was most recently involved in a legendary battle with Gilbert Melendez at UFC 166. Sanchez may have lost the decision, but amazed with the heart he displayed, including badly hurting Melendez in the frantic third and final round. Sanchez is a relentless competitor who has never been knocked out. The only time “The Dream” has ever been stopped in the Octagon was in a lightweight title fight against B.J. Penn at UFC 107. The contest was halted because Sanchez had an enormous laceration to his forehead. It was a truly gruesome image that made him look like he was starring in a horror film. Sanchez has earned seven Fight of the Night honors.