UFC's Matt Brown: Future Challenger?

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Brown
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When I see that Matt Brown is fighting on an upcoming card, I get goose bumps. I immediately get visions of Brown running full speed after his opponent, throwing haymakers and overhand rights as hard as possible.

In my honest opinion, Brown is the epitome of what a fighter should be. He rarely talks trash, maintains a low-profile and is extremely barbaric in the ring. All of these things are true but as of late, Brown has been gaining momentum towards a title shot. His unbelievable brand of violence has had him silently gaining an army of fans, and they are clamoring for bigger fights.

The UFC has clearly taken notice since Brown has been matched up with Carlos Condit. This Condit fight is, no doubt, the biggest fight of Brown’s career. For the sake of this article, let’s just say that Brown convincingly knocks out Condit and gets awarded a title-shot against the winner of Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks. Does Brown actually stand a chance of winning against either of those guys?

Yes, and of course, no. Brown is an absolute animal in the first round of a fight, he literally has no fear of trading punches and prefers an extremely aggressive approach. This would give him a very small time frame to knock out the champ, but it may be his only shot so he would have to make it count.

What happens if the champ survives the initial onslaught? Bad news for Brown. Brown would probably get out-wrestled by the champ and go on to lose a decision. That is just the way it is. But, would those first five minutes be the best thing that ever happened to the sport of mixed martial arts? It very well could be, and it is because of that reason that I hope Brown gets by Condit.

I hope that Brown one day climbs those steps into the Octagon to challenge for the belt, and I hope that he goes after the champ like a demon.

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