Michael Chandler Robbed In A Close Fight

By Anthony Cloud
Photo via Bellator Facebook Page

Yes, it was a close fight and there is no doubt about that. Did Eddie Alvarez beat Michael Chandler? No. Much like their first fight, it went back and fourth, but Chandler should have walked out of the arena still the Bellator lightweight champion. I personally had the fight scored 48-47 in favor of Chandler with Alvarez winning the third and fifth rounds.

The closest round in the fight was the first, and it still hard to see Alvarez winning that round. Chandler won the second and fourth round by a mile. In the second round, he threw Alvarez around like a rag doll for the most part. He had total control. In the fourth round, after a terrible third, Chandler rebounded and took the fight to Alvarez once again.

Alvarez did win the third and fifth round convincingly. It looked like he would finish the fight several times during the final round, but that shouldn’t have been enough to win him the fight. Chandler should still be champion.

The only thing that could have won Alvarez the fight was damage. Chandler took a lot of damage in the fight, but that did not take away from his control in the earlier rounds. There will be a rubber match in the future. The matchup will bring in revenue and it’s sure to be on a pay-per-view event.

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