Jeremy Stephens Raises Some Eyebrows

By Kevin Davidson
Jeremy Stephens
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Look out for the underdog! What Jeremy Stephens was able to do against Rony Jason was nothing short of remarkable.

For those of you who did not know, Stephens was able to put away Jason with a gorgeous head kick that knocked the Brazilian out cold. Stephens threw the kick with perfect timing and caught Jason as he was right in the middle of throwing an overhead right. Was it a showing of the Stephens that we always knew was there? Probably not. Was this a showing that Stephens is in the right weight division? Absolutely.

Stephens has always been a respectable fighter. All personal issues aside, he was known for his heart and never-say-die attitude, but he was most feared because of his power. Joe Lauzon has gone on record and said that the fighter that hit him the hardest was Stephens. That is a major compliment, considering the warriors that Lauzon has fought. This was at 155 pounds to boot.

Stephens now fights at the featherweight division, which proves two things: no. 1 being that the weight cut has not affected his power at all, which is amazing; and no. 2, the Featherweight division just raised an eyebrow in interest of Stephens.

Is this a career-changing victory for Stephens? I do not want to say that it is monumental in any way. Stephens has always been a decent fighter that could dominate middle-of-the-pack guys, but was never able to crack the top-10. What he did with this win was put the division on notice, which is more than enough. His kick could have set something big in motion, and I for one am very interested to see who he fights next.

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