Paulo Thiago Needs to Pull Himself Together

By Kevin Davidson
Paulo Thiago
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

One time, I was walking down an alley in Mexico, a little bit tired from the day and night when an Aussie ran up to me and screamed at me to “put my head in”. I was terrified at the time, but looking back now, this random guy just wanted me to pull it together and continue on with my night.

I feel like doing the same thing to Paulo Thiago. Thiago just suffered his third loss in his past four fights, which is a sign that things are either going to crash and burn, or Thiago is going to turn himself into the comeback kid. I am just surprised from this because this is a fighter that once showed so much promise.

Thiago once knocked out Josh Koscheck. He went into a full on war with Diego Sanchez, and choked out Mike Swick. He has always been competitive in his fights and is a pretty decent name to get a match against. I am just sitting here wondering where his motivation went. Is he not hitting the gym like he should? Everyone knows that Thiago is a full-time special force police officer in Brazil, and maybe that is taking up a lot of his time.

Maybe, Thiago just never really saw himself as a champion and just wanted to fight a couple of times because he liked it.

Whatever is causing this slide needs to be addressed. Was this loss, a brutal blitz of strikes to the body that caused Thiago to tap out, a wake-up call? It absolutely should be. It was seriously the first time in his career where it looked like he was totally outclassed. Either Thiago finds a solution to this problem, or he may soon be looking for some overtime in his police shifts.

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