There Goes Dan Henderson’s Chin

By Kevin Davidson
Dan Henderson
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

This type of scenario has been played out before and let me tell you, it is not pretty what happens next. The scenario that I am talking about is the one where the fighter has a chin of legend. The fighter has never even been close to being knocked out, ate every shot from every powerful fighter on the planet (win or lose) and always walked out on their own two feet. Then something strange happens. The fighter gets caught extremely hard. I mean, if this hit anyone but that fighter, the person would be either comatose, eating through a straw for six months or maybe even result in an immediate death. The fighter is never the same. I fear that this just happened to Dan Henderson.

The two shots that Henderson took from Vitor Belfort were absolutely insane. The first shot literally knocked him off of his feet and then the follow up shin to the jaw made the most sickening noise that I have ever heard. Those were shots that could possibly end a career, and I think that they did. It seems that a fighter can only take so many shots until their chin just dissipates. Chuck Liddell has a great chin on him until he took that shot from Rashad Evans. After that, it seemed that a stiff breeze was enough to put Liddell in the dirt.

This puts Henderson in some serious trouble. At the Light-Heavyweight division, every fighter has one-punch knockout power; not to mention, Henderson’s style is not one to pick and choose his shots or point-fight. Henderson likes to use his strikes to get close to his opponent and take them down, or uncork a serious right hand. I can just sum it up by saying he likes to punch people and has no qualms about getting punched. Does this mean that he has to change his style? It was seem so, but that is completely up to Henderson.

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