Should Josh Koscheck Be Nervous?

By Kevin Davidson
Josh Koscheck
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Koscheck was, at one time, the uncrowned champion of the Welterweight class. By that I mean that he was always the runner-up in the division, the perennial No. 1 contender. He even got two, count them, two title shots, at Georges St. Pierre. He fought valiantly, but was out-worked in their first meeting, and then was out-jabbed in their second. It was after his second tussle for the belt, it was fairly obvious that he was never going to dethrone the champion. He bounced back with a serious knockout over Matt Hughes, and then a split-decision win over Mike Pierce. Then, things started to get rocky; he was outpointed by Johny Hendricks, and was then knocked out by Robbie Lawler. That means that he is on a two-fight losing streak, and with the UFC, three losses usually means you are out.

If you guys are thinking like I am, then there is no way that they will cut Koscheck; he has been with the company for 22 fights! We have seen in the past that the UFC usually repays loyalty, and for a guy that fought that many times under your banner, you better at least give him more than three losses. Not only that, but people love to hate Koscheck. They pay to watch him fight because they want to see the bad guy get their comeuppance. Unfortunately, this is real life, and comeuppance is an amazing fighter.

In my opinion, comeuppance has nothing to worry about. He should get by Tyron Woodley, even if it is not easy. All Koscheck needs to do is get a win; he doen’t need to make it pretty, he just needs to get himself some breathing room. Another thing that is in Koscheck’s favor is that he is still on the main card, which means that White and the UFC know that people will buy the event to watch him win or lose. As long as Koscheck can continue to win fights and talk a little smack, I think he still has another couple of fights left in the organization.

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