UFC 167: Tyron Woodley KO's Josh Koscheck

By Jeremy Green
Tyron Woodley UFC
Tom Szczerbowski USA TODAY Sports

Josh Koscheck and Tyron Woodley were featured tonight for UFC 167, which was an exciting bout from start to finish. From the very start, Woodley landed bombs, sending Kos to the canvas. Koscheck would recover, somehow, and would look to land heavy shots of his own. Woodley would then go on to land a devastating right, which ended Kos’ night for good.

The finish comes in the first round, and it’s one of Woodley’s best performances to date. Both of these fighters delivered an impressive showing for the fans, and so far, this fight has Knockout-Of-The-Night written all over it. Coming into this bout, Woodley was in need of a win, as his latest performance wasn’t too thrilling, losing a decision to Jake Shields. His back was up against the wall, and he seemed to fight with a sense of desperation in this fight.

Woodley showcased his one-punch knockout power, and it couldn’t have come at a better time in his career. He now moves up the welterweight rankings, and big fights are coming Woodley’s way. For Koscheck, this was a huge loss for him, as he is now on a three-fight losing streak. He will more than likely be cut from the UFC, which is a huge setback for him.

For Woodley, this win solidified his status as being an elite welterweight fighter, and if he can keep developing as a fighter, particularly with his cardio and aggression, he has the chance to fight for the belt. Congrats to Woodley on the devastating finish.

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