Robbie Lawler Proves He Is A Contender

By Kevin Davidson
Robbie Lawler
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 167 was one of the best cards of the year.

There were a couple of upsets, but no more so that Robbie Lawler defeating Rory MacDonald. MacDonald spent most of his UFC career making waves in the Welterweight division by absolutely mauling his opponents. It seemed as if the kid was destined to one day wear the belt around his waist. He then put on a lackluster showing against Jake Ellenberger, but was able to get the win. Even though it was not his best performance, it was still clear that MacDonald was the future of the UFC and he was being fast-tracked to stardom. That is until an old dog came back.

Lawler has been around the fight game since 2001. He has fought everyone and has been known to have some serious knockout power. The matchup was absolutely perfect. Lawler came into the bout and refused to be intimidated by anything that MacDonald had to offer; he stalked MacDonald and never let him get comfortable. Lawler was even able to drop MacDonald in the third. It was a perfect performance and proved that Robbie Lawler is a serious threat in the division.

Lawler is now considerably dangerous. He has a ton of momentum on his side and was able to defeat a person that most fans picked to be the next champion. What makes this story even more incredible is that Lawler came out of nowhere to be this good. Maybe it was just his night, or maybe he has always been this good and he never had the chance to show it on the big stage. No matter what, Lawler is now a legitimate contender, and his next fight is going to be extremely important — not only for himself, but for the division as well.

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