Can't Blame Dana White For Being Hesitant to Return to Nevada

By Andrew Fisher
Dana White
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After the controversial ending to UFC 167, many fans were left with their jaws dropped. Nearly everyone had Johny Hendricks over Georges St. Pierre in the welterweight title fight on Saturday night, but a couple of judges felt differently. The fight was awarded to St. Pierre via a split decision, which absolutely set off UFC owner and president, Dana White:

“Johny Hendricks won. I only gave Georges St-Pierre the third round. Nevada is a very scary place. This is the worse commission on the planet. I’m afraid to bring fights to Las Vegas. This is the thing that makes people not like fights. I’m still so blown away by it. Georges knew he lost. His corner knew he lost. Hendricks knew he won. These people are despicably horrible. This city is scary.”

It’s not often that you see the owner of a company, and especially a promoter, come out and absolutely blast an athletic commission. White didn’t just do it behind closed doors, he did it so the whole world could understand how he felt and to get his point across.

I don’t blame White one bit. He’s trying to protect the integrity of his business, which has no doubt taken a minor hit after the outcome of the Hendricks/St. Pierre fight.

Nevada will be given a chance to redeem itself in the near future though, as both UFC 168 and 170  are set to take place in Las Vegas. But given what we know about White, I wouldn’t put it past him to boycott the famous state if something else controversial happens in the near future.


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