UFC: What's Next For Georges St. Pierre?

By Jeremy Green
Georges St. Pierre UFC
Eric Bolte-USA Today Sports

UFC 167 kicked off this past weekend, which featured an incredible welterweight championship between Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks. This championship bout was compelling from start to finish. Hendricks did a lot of damage on GSP, hurting him and cutting him up bad.

GSP would have his moments also, getting several takedowns and threatening with head kicks. When the final bell rang, it was clear that Hendricks had done enough to warrant a decision, yet the judges gave the split decision nod to GSP. This is one of the worse calls in MMA judging in recent history.

But fans shouldn’t put the blame on GSP. He is not the one judging the fights, and all he could do was leave it all inside the cage against Hendricks, and this is exactly what he did. GSP has always been one of the most professional and easy-going guys with the UFC, so fans should give him the respect he deserves, especially after dominating the competition for so many years. So, with the win, GSP made it clear that he was going to take some time away from the sport.

It’s unclear whether or not he is hanging up the gloves for good, but hopefully he fights one more time inside the UFC, at least for Hendricks’ sake. A rematch would be huge for the UFC, in terms of pay per view buys, and it would finally settle who the best welterweight on the planet is, which many people feel is Johny Hendricks right now.

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