Georges St. Pierre Has Been Broken

By Kevin Davidson
Georges St. Pierre
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If we have to talk about it, then we have to talk about it — Georges St. Pierre has taken a beating in his last three fights.

Yes, he came out victorious in all of them, but he was absolutely tagged, beat up, and pounded for five rounds in each one. It has been strange to see St. Pierre fall back down to humanity. I think most of us remember when St. Pierre was a god. He was unbeatable anywhere — his technique was flawless, and his cardio was top-notch; but, the most important factor was his fighting intelligence. He was so smart when he fought that it was almost unfair to pit him against someone.

Now, it seems that the common idea is not how St. Pierre will lose, but when.

Johny Hendricks won that fight in my opinion. It was close, but Hendricks won. Can you imagine what that has to do with St. Pierre’s confidence? To know that he has the belt but that he did not win it — not only that, but that almost everyone is saying it? I believe that this is why St. Pierre was talking about retirement after the fight.

He was shaken. St. Pierre knew he did not win the fight, and rather than go through that type of war again, he would rather hang up the gloves with the belt around his waist.

It makes sense. It is how every champion wants to go out. On the other side of the coin, Hendricks must be psyched. He knew he won the fight even though he could have gone harder, and now he knows that St. Pierre does not believe in himself. Hendricks wants a rematch and he knows he will win. Will St. Pierre fight Hendricks again? The way he was talking, I am not sure; but in mixed martial arts, the people will come in droves to see a king fall.

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