Gray Maynard Will Knock Out Nate Diaz

By Anthony Cloud
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

It’s not a prediction, it’s a well-known fact. When Gray Maynard steps into the octagon on Nov. 30 against Nate Diaz, he will win. Maynard will knock Diaz out, as Maynard is too strong for Diaz. It’s as simple as that.

In their previous meeting, Maynard walked away with a split-decision victory; that fight was almost three years ago. This time around, Maynard will go after Diaz with reckless abandon, as he will be looking for the knock victory.

Coming of his first ever first round knock out loss to T.J. Grant, Maynard will be hungry and looking for an impressive victory to show UFC matchmakers that he still has what it takes to compete with the top of the division. He is currently ranked No. 5 by the UFC in the lightweight division.

The main reason why Maynard will knock Diaz out isn’t necessarily because he is that much better than Diaz. It’s the fact that Diaz is cocky and believes in his slap boxing abilities. If he stands with Maynard, who should have the advantage on the feet, he gives him that chance to land a big shot.

Maynard is also a strong wrestler, and Diaz has had problems in the past with strong wrestlers. He wasn’t able to get Benson Henderson to the ground, and he suffered because of it. The same thing will happen against Maynard, except Maynard possess enough power in his hands to land a shot that will stun Diaz and then follow up with punches, if necessary.

In his last outing against Josh Thomson, Diaz also showed that he can be knocked out by a guy that is not known for doing so. If Diaz doesn’t get the fight to the ground, Maynard will knock him out. If he does get the fight to the ground off his back, Maynard will knock him out. It’s hard to see Diaz winning this fight in any way other than a submission, which is doubtful against Maynard.

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