UFC: Should Georges St. Pierre Give His Belt To Johny Hendricks?

By Jeremy Green
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you were living under a rock for the past month, you are well aware of the controversial decision for UFC 167’s main event, Johny Hendricks vs. Georges St. Pierre. Almost everyone scored the bout for Hendricks, including UFC president Dana White. Still, the judges saw the bout in favor of GSP, allowing him to retain his belt.

Hendricks was extremely shocked when they read the scorecards, falling to his knees and hands in disappointment.

In fact, he is still unhappy with the decision. The bout took a lot out of him mentally in terms of the controversial decision, and it seems like Georges had been battling through a lot of personal problems leading up to their bout. GSP even told the audience in attendance after his UFC 167 win that he had to step away from the sport and deal with some personal problems, leaving many unsure of what was next to come for GSP.

If GSP is going to retire or step away, Hendricks would love for him to give up his belt. In an interview with Inside MMA, Hendricks shared his thoughts about Georges’ future:

Dude, I’ve got three kids. You know what I’m saying? Talk about sleep? Are you kidding me? Everybody’s got problems in life. That’s the way it is. If you can’t handle the stress of being champion, give it up. I’ll gladly take that stress.

It’s clear that Hendricks is focused on being a champion by any means, as he has worked his entire life for this UFC dream. Georges has always been a true professional and a great ambassador to the sport of MMA, but if his head is not in it anymore, maybe it’s best for him to give up his welterweight bout and retire. This would essentially be a passing of the torch, even if GSP doesn’t rematch Hendricks for the belt in the future.

So, should Georges give up his belt and retire, or should he fight Hendricks one more time and give him the chance to really earn it? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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