UFC: Michael Bisping Is Targeted Again

By Kevin Davidson
Michael Bisping
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This is how I imagine a day in the life of a professional mixed martial artist goes: wake up, drink shake, go train, check Twitter for callouts, get angry, train even harder, and then respond to callouts.

I’m sure that there are other things in there, but judging from Michael Bisping’s Twitter account, I may be spot on. It seems that the second Bisping is done with a fight, he has 30 other guys calling him out. It has got to get tiring for the poor guy! I mean, you can only agree to so many fights in a year, so I guess he is having potential opponents take a number and call back later.

The latest opponent to call out Bisping has been Tim Kennedy, and he has been extremely vocal. I think that this is a smart move for Kennedy, and it makes sense that he is picking on Bisping. The Count has always been a pretty popular fighter, mostly because he will talk trash with the best of them and has no problem crossing lines to get into his opponent’s head. He can sell fights that way, and he has no problem doing it.

Besides the trash-talking part, Bisping is a really good fighter. He has been in the perennial top-10 of the division for a while, and has even been on the cusp of a title shot or two. Kennedy is coming off a huge knockout win over Rafael Natal, which was supposed to happen. Now Kennedy needs a bigger name and a marquee win to be taken seriously in the division.

If Kennedy can get a fight with Bisping, that means that he can get a big name and a big fight with plenty of heat beforehand. This will also provide Bisping a chance to get another win and have the UFC put on another huge matchup with another fighter. The way I see it, Bisping is lucky to have this kind of reputation; his career thrives off of it and so does the UFC’s business.

I say the UFC is lucky to have a Bisping within their ranks, and something tells me he knows it too.

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