Rory MacDonald: Waking A Sleeping Giant

By Kevin Davidson
Rory MacDonald
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Someone messed up, and I am going to point my finger directly at Robbie Lawler. Lawler recently pulled off a massive upset as he beat Rory MacDonald in their UFC 167 meeting. MacDonald has been going on record this week stating that he is embarrassed at the loss, that he is ashamed of how he fought, and how he needed this loss.

Needed a loss? I really think that things are about to go nuclear in the welterweight division.

I am agreeing with MacDonald. He did need to lose and he needed to lose in a big fight. I think that MacDonald was getting a little too comfortable in his public persona. He started to believe that he was the “Canadian Psycho” and that he could defeat anyone. Unfortunately, when this happens, the fighter usually loses a fight that they were supposed to win because they slacked off during the camp or they’re not comfortable when they are fighting because they are distracted.

The fight itself was strange; Lawler made MacDonald fight his fight, which was jarring because MacDonald has become an expert at controlling fights.

This loss is going to motivate MacDonald like nothing could have. MacDonald now knows that he is mortal, he can beat, and it can happen often if he is not careful. He now has to rise up, and I predict that he will come back twice as mad and twice as good. Hopefully he will start finishing fights again and really show the UFC that he is a future champion.

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