Jon Jones Should Not Have Called Out Cain Velasquez

By Kevin Davidson
Jon Jones
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

When I heard the interview where Jon Jones said that he wanted a superfight between himself and the heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, the only thing that I could do was laugh.

That was such a ridiculous thing for Jones to ask for, not to mention extremely stupid. There are plenty of heavyweights that want a shot at Velasquez, but that is because they are heavyweights who have competed and won in that division. Jones, who is a spectacular talent, cuts weight to make the limit at light heavyweight, and while this bout is something to consider, I still believe that Jones will have no chance against Velasquez.

The no. 1 reason why I think that is power. Jones has faced some of the heaviest hitters that the light heavyweight division has to offer, and while this is impressive, I do think that there is a huge gap between light heavyweight power and heavyweight power. For those of you who saw Velasquez’s recent demolishing of Junior Dos Santos, that was heavyweight power: the power to crumble a guy with one punch or flatten a man who weighs upwards of 250 pounds is something that we have not seen from Jones.

The weight is something else that I do not think Jones is taking into consideration. He has had big guys on top of him before, but he has not had heavyweights on top of him. That type of weight cannot be underestimated. Not to mention, the wrestling credentials that Velasquez has and the experience that comes with throwing huge guys around is too valuable for Jones too ignore.

I think that Jones got caught up in his own hype and make a mistake with this one. While he is an amazing talent, I feel that he is no match for Velasquez.

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