UFC: What's Next For Nate Diaz?

By Jeremy Green
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Nate Diaz is coming off arguably his best performance inside the UFC last night against Gray Maynard. From the opening bell, it was clear that Diaz was a man on the mission. He landed strike after strike on Maynard, which had him stunned and unable to recover.

The win couldn’t have been any better, and it proved that Diaz still has a lot left as an elite fighter. So, what’s next for him at this point in his career? The best thing for him is to stay at lightweight. Diaz doesn’t really have the strength and wrestling abilities to hang with the top-five in the welterweight division, so his best bet in terms of fighting for a title is to stay at lightweight.

There, he could fight some great fighters such as Khabib Nurmagomedov or T.J. Grant. Both fighters have looked exceptional as of late, and they are two of the best in the division. If Diaz can get past either one of these guys, then he has a good chance of fighting for the belt again. Diaz is a couple of wins away from a title shot due to his back-to-back losses to Ben Henderson and Josh Thomson.

Since he won’t be fighting for a title anytime soon, Diaz should fight guys like Grant or Khabib. They would be exciting fights for the fans, giving Diaz a chance to earn some fight bonuses. He’s never looked better and is going to be tough for anyone to deal with in the lightweight division.

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