UFC Does Not Need Mark Hunt Vs. Antonio Silva II

By Kevin Davidson
Dana White
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I have no idea what it is, but remakes tick me off more than anything in the world. How many more series do we need before someone can stumble on a legitimate idea? One of the most refreshing things about MMA is that there is always someone who will want to fight. Even if it is not the opponent that we expected, the fight can still turn out utterly amazing.

Take a look at what fans just witnessed with Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva. Everyone said that the knockout would be fast and the odds of the fight getting out of the first round were next to none. What we got was an absolute throwdown for five rounds. There are a lot of reasons why this fight was great; fans can go on and on about the punches both guys took, the heart that they showed to keep going for the full five rounds, and everything in between.

The real reason why this fight was beautiful was because of the expectation that surrounded the fight. The fight was supposed to be a quick knockout, but fans saw something entirely different and we are better off because of that.

If Dana White does reschedule a second bout between the two, will anyone really think that it will eclipse the first one? It will not because of what we saw. Basically, the fans climbed Everest and are now looking for a bigger mountain to conquer when one isn’t there. To be honest, I really do not care who would win the rematch anyway; it really does not affect the rankings at this point, and both guys showed they belong at the top of the division.

We should just be thankful that the first fight exceeded every expectation and look ahead to other interesting matchups.

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