It’s Going To Be A Rough 2014 For UFC Fans

By andyravens
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You would think the UFC adding more shows will help them in the long run, but with 35 shows scheduled to occur in that year, that will be rough. With 2014 looming around the corner, will the UFC have enough star power to handle the load?

Fighters will get injured or want to take time off. There are 13 pay-per-views that need at least three really good fights on the main card for the casual MMA fan to buy it. Then there are four Fox cards that have usually been good but have dipped in quality lately. Then there are 14 Fox Sports 1 shows, which is crazy.

Any hardcore MMA fan will tell you that they cannot get enough, but that statement will be tested in 2014. There are 52 weeks in a year and with 35 events in 2014, that is a serious amount of MMA for fans to watch. I love MMA and want to see more, but I would like to see quality instead of quantity. For many fans, the best thing about a buying a pay-per-view is being so excited that they cannot wait to see it.

I’m not saying the fans will get burned out, but there will be fans that will look at a card in 2014 and not find any interesting fights. That is where it will hurt the UFC in the long run. Quantity is not always the right solution. Quality worked for the UFC in the past, so why try to fix something that is not broken?

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