Carlos Condit is Taking a Huge Risk With Tyron Woodley

By Kevin Davidson
Carlos Condit
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew that Carlos Condit was a fighter. He is the type of fighter that comes to win every time and is constantly looking to finish; except for that Nick Diaz fight, we can chalk that up to a, uhm, great game plan. My point is that Condit is, without a doubt, a top-five fighter in the Welterweight division. He is more than likely one win away from challenging for the belt for a second time and has a great chance of actually putting it around his waist. At least, that is what I thought was going to happen, until a couple days ago, that is.

It was recently announced that Condit will be fighting Tyron Woodley at UFC 171. Woodley is coming into this fight with some huge momentum thanks to his horrific knockout of Josh Koscheck. All of this is spelling bad news for Condit. The biggest factor that Condit has against him in this fight is that Woodley’s bread and butter is wrestling. We have seen that Condit needs some serious work in the wrestling department, especially in his takedown defense.

The other x-factor in this fight is also coming from Woodley. That other x-factor is the fact that Woodley can walk away from this fight a hero; he can lose, but still win as long as he shows up and fights his heart out. This can also discredit Condit from getting the title shot that he so badly wants. Condit has always said that he would fight anyone, and this is one of the times that he has to put up and shut up, because Woodley is coming to take a title shot.

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