Does Miesha Tate Really Have A Shot At Winning the Belt?

By Kevin Davidson
Miesha Tate
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

I have never been a fan of the drama that goes into hyping a fight. I think that most of it is fabricated and the sheer fact that they are trying to “sell” a fight is dumb. If you want to see the fight, buy the fight; but, I understand that most people love seeing the drama. People love the nose-to-nose stare downs, the name calling and the famous Twitter exchanges that are reported on daily. People want to get invested in the fight; to most, I assume that it gives the fight a little bit more flavor.

The UFC has been able to capitalize on this drama by hiring rivals as coaches on the Ultimate Fighter. On the set, the two people have to see each other every day and interact with the other person, so naturally, this creates great drama. If you would like an example, look no further than the last season of the Ultimate Fighter when Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate were coaches.

It is no secret that these two ladies do not enjoy each other’s company. I get that. Some people you just do not like. Let’s not kid ourselves though. Tate has relatively no chance at winning this fight. I feel bad saying it, but it just seems like the truth. Tate was dominated it her last fight, she lost to Cat Zingano in her last fight and was brought into this fight because the division is shallow.

Now, they are wearing six ounce gloves, and 2013 has been the year of upsets, so Tate does have a punchers chance, but Rousey seems to be too smart to put herself in that position, which is why Tate will not win this fight.

Rousey is going in to win. Period. Rousey will not put herself in a questionable position because she is too smart. There is no wonder why she has finished all of her fights by arm bar. She is good at it. She knows it works and she will keep using it until it does not work. Tate is showing some guts by getting in the Octagon with this monster, but she should chalk it up as a win if she leaves with both arms functioning.

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