Jake Shields is Quietly Climbing

By Kevin Davidson
Jake Shields
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It is always a little strange to see someone’s name and then realize how he or she has been quietly gathering wins. I am using the word “quietly” because that is how Jake Shields has been winning. Has he been destroying opponents? No, but he has been beating them. Shields is on a two-fight win streak right now, which is not that crazy to see. But if you take notice who he beat for those wins, people might start raising an eyebrow. Shields defeated Tyron Woodley by split decision back at UFC 161 — the same Woodley who just blasted Josh Koscheck into another world with a right hook. If you realize that Koscheck was not able to do what Shields did, it just makes the win twice as impressive.

Shields most recently fought Demian Maia, who was on a tear through the division. The fight turned into a massive grappling match and, in my opinion, was extremely exciting. Shields was able to eke out a win and but still came out victorious. In Shield’s last two contests, he was able to best a knockout artist and a submission ace. Now Shields is paired up against the extremely dangerous Hector Lombard.

The Lombard fight may be where Shields’ tear comes to an end. He is no longer fighting an athlete who specializes in one technique; Lombard is a jack-of-all-trades. Shields is going to have to bring all of his tools to the table, including his striking, which has always been the weaker aspect of his fight game. I am very interested to see how Shields is going to perform in the Lombard fight, and maybe is he can win this contest, the fans will start talking about him again.

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