Josh Barnett Vs. Travis Browne Could Steal the Show at UFC 168

By Kevin Davidson
Josh Barnett
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to matchmaking, the cliche “styles make fights”, just so happens to be true; this could not be more true than with the upcoming Heavyweight match up between Travis Browne and Josh Barnett. Both of these guys are coming off of huge knockout wins over respected fighters. The thing that could really turn this into a show-stealing fight is the gap between the two athletes when it comes to grappling.

Barnett is one of the best catch-wrestlers on the planet and will use some seriously unorthodox take downs and clinch maneuvers. Barnett loves to create pain in small places, such as holding his opponent up against the fence and making it as uncomfortable as possible by using his elbows and manipulating his opponents body. Oh yeah, Barnett is also crazy strong. Browne comes into this fight with the better striking acumen. Browne would love to be able to create space and pick his shots from the outside or turn the fight into a technical battle. If Browne is able to dictate this from the opening, he can make a huge statement in the first round and gain Barnett’s respect.

The other reason why this fight could steal the show is because the winner could be determined by who has the better chin. It is not going to come as a shock to Barnett to know that he might have to eat a strike or two to get close to Browne. If Barnett is able to test the power of Browne and see that he can take his shots, the fight could turn into a war. This fight is going to be won by the athlete who dictates where the fight is going to take place and I cannot wait to see who is going to do it.

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