Ronda Rousey Solidifies Her Role as Villain

By Kevin Davidson
Ronda Rousey
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There was a lot to digest after UFC 168 last night. How about every main card fight ending with a finish? Even though some of those finishes were very strange. Even with the crazy main event, my mind kept drifting back to Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate. There feud had been well covered and we all knew that this fight was going to be an ugly one. It was a drag out war, that’s for certain. Tate fought with heart, but was only delaying the inevitable; although, Tate did get some shots in, which was impressive. The real controversy was that Rousey did not shake Tate’s hand after the fight, and left Tate just staring at her like she just spit in her face.

At first, I was taken back. Rousey really does not like her that much? I thought Rousey said she wanted to be a role model for girls? Rousey’s a hypocrite, that’s it. Well, after calming down I began to think this through clearly and realized that Rousey is a genius. What Rousey did will have people talking for the next month, and seeing how she is already set to fight in two months, that is a good thing.

Rousey understands that the boos do not matter; what matters is that people are talking about you. If they buy the fight to see you get beat up, who cares? They bought the fight. It comes from the Diaz school of thinking. Get them to talk about you. The UFC does not care if you are liked or hated. What they care about is selling fights. With a disrespectful gesture, Rousey once again put WMMA on the map.

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