UFC: Luke Rockhold Needs A Win

By Kevin Davidson
Luke Rockhold
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The arguments of which organization was better, UFC or Strikeforce, used to make me laugh hysterically. It is not that I think one organization is better than the other. Actually, yes I do. The UFC had a higher talent caliber than Strikeforce ever did, except for the Heavyweight division (Strikeforce was stacked), but other than that, the UFC was winning on all fronts. I also firmly believe that if you constantly fight the best, then you will be a better fighter. This was never truer than when the Strikeforce champions began to fight in the UFC. It was a whole other level that the Strikeforce guys never knew. It was a rough wake up call, and none was rougher than Luke Rockhold’s.

Rockhold took a spinning kick to the grill, courtesy of Vitor Belfort, and has only spent about two minutes in the Octagon. It was probably soul crushing, but maybe it was the wake-up call that he needed. Rockhold is currently set to fight Costa Philippou, and this should be a great gauge to see where he will lie in the division. This could also be a fight that he could easily lose, due to Philippou’s Octagon experience and punching power.

This is the fight where we will really see what kind of fighter Rockhold is. Will he come back a better and stronger fighter? No, I do not think so, but I do think that he will come back a smarter fighter. He will fight Philippou smart and smother him. It will not be a crazy fight; it will most likely be a snooze-fest, but it will get Rockhold the win he so desperately needs.

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