Vitor Belfort Will Cause Serious Problems for UFC by Fighting in USA

By Kevin Davidson
Vitor Belfort
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Vitor Belfort has been begging and pleading for a title shot. I cannot deny that he deserves it. He went on a tear in 2013, knocking out Michael Bisping, Luke Rockhold and Dan Henderson. Yes, all three were knocked out by Belfort; oh, he also knocked all of them out with head kicks. Again, seeing that list, the UFC would have to be crazy not to give Belfort a title shot. Right? Well, this is where things get fishy.

Belfort has been a known user of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) for a while now, but only has authorization for it in Brazil; and, Brazil’s laws–when it comes to TRT–have been a little relaxed. The same cannot be said for the United States, who have an insane amount of regulation when it comes to TRT. There are a 1,000 questions when it comes to Belfort and TRT, but right now I am only worried about one; what happens if Belfort does not get permission to use TRT? I think that he will pull out of the fight.

I know that Belfort has gone on record and said that he would fight Chris Weidman without the use of TRT, but I am not sure that I believe that. It is extremely easy to feel confident before the training even begins, or before he feels how training is without the use of TRT. If he has really been using substances since 2006, then this is going to be a whole new world for him, and I have a feeling that Belfort will not like the way that it feels. Belfort seems like a proud guy, but there is no way that he will pull out of a fight citing that he is not feeling well. Belfort will report an injury during training and try to get the fight re-scheduled in Brazil. For those of you wanting to see Belfort vs. Weidman, do not hold your breath.

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