UFC: Ed Soares Wants Anderson Silva To Fight Georges St. Pierre When He Returns

By Jeremy Green
Georges St. Pierre UFC
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA Today Sports

Two of the greatest fighters to ever compete in the sport of MMA have been Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Both of these fighters dominated their divisions for many years, and their legacy will probably never be matched by any other fighter in their respective divisions.

GSP has recently retired from the sport after a controversial split-decision win over Johny Hendricks, though he did say he might come back if he gets his head straight and clears up a few personal things. Silva suffered one of the most devastating leg injuries in the sport’s history at UFC 168 when he took on Chris Weidman, and it will have him out of action for at least a year.

It appears that Silva’s manager Ed Soares wants Silva to fight GSP when he comes back to the UFC. This bout would be huge for the sport as it has been talked about ever since these fighters started to clear out their divisions. This fight was pegged a superfight, and it would still be a superfight, despite how both of their recent fights have gone. Both really have nothing to lose as they are not champions in their divisions anymore.

GSP gave up his welterweight title so he doesn’t have to worry about the burdens of being a champion, which may allow him fight more openly. Silva also doesn’t have to worry about being a champion, a burden that he had to carry for over seven years. Each of these fighters could fight at a catch weight, and the debate for the greatest pound-for-pound fighter would finally be settled.

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