Who Cares if Brock Lesnar Returns?

By Kevin Davidson
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t go getting your pants in a bundle because Brock Lesnar is not coming back to the UFC — at least, not in the foreseeable future. Would anyone seriously care if he did, though? I mean, he kind of left at the perfect time, for him at least. Lesnar had a pretty solid career; he was able to capture the belt and even defend it once! That is more than most Light-Heavyweights can say. Lesnar lost the belt to Cain Velasquez, and after battling some medical problems he came back to the Octagon and received a one-sided beating at the hands of Alistair Overeem. It was after his last loss that Lesnar decided to retire from MMA.

At the time, Lesnar was a huge draw. He was a crossover star that was able to generate new fans from the pro-wrestling scene and was able to win over some old fans due to his athletic ability. His biggest contribution to date, though, in my opinion, was he gave the Heavyweight class something to shoot for. Lesnar gave the Heavyweight guys a champion and dared someone to knock him off. It was during his reign that he the UFC was able to build new stars, and pitting them against Lesnar was always a huge draw.

But his time is over.

The Heavyweight division is now deeper than it has ever been with new stars emerging in every fight. Right now, Travis Browne, Fabricio Werdum, Stipe Miocic and a couple others all have exciting match-ups on the horizon. It should be obvious that the UFC has enough star-power at its helm; it just needs to learn to use it.

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