Cole Miller Still Pining For Fight Against Conor McGregor

By Kevin Davidson
Cole Miller
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

When a fighter starts to talk about his next fight even before he won the one in front of him, I get a sick feeling in my stomach. Confidence is a huge part of the fight game, but to overlook your opponent before the fight even stated is some seriously bad karma. I just think that it upsets the MMA gods or something like that.

This entire week, Cole Miller has been talking about fighting MMA’s newest hype-train, Conor McGregor.  Miller seems to be angry that McGregor is getting so much attention even though he has only won two fights in the UFC and has yet to face any serious competition.

I can see why Miller is angry; a new kid comes to town and is now everyone’s favorite friend. It must stink, especially when Miller has been fighting for the UFC for the past seven years. There really is not much that Miller can do but try to pick a fight with McGregor, which is exactly what he is doing. This is a smart move on Miller’s part, because not only does it get himself in the spotlight, but it will attract attention on his next fight against Sam Sicilia.

Miller needs to be extremely impressive in his fight against Sicilia if he wants the McGregor fight. He needs to finish this fight, grab the microphone, and let the world know his intentions. It might seem like shameless self-promotion, but this is the fight game and people buy drama. The only problem is that this is MMA, and Sicilia can throw a hay-maker and easily end Miller’s dreams.

The point is, Miller is doing the right thing by creating controversy, but he should be shining just a little more light on his fight that he already has, and not the one that he wants.

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