TJ Dillashaw Has Opportunity To Show Improvement

By Kevin Davidson
TJ Dillashaw
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know the guy at all, but to me, TJ Dillashaw has always seemed like the little brother on Team Alpha Male. He is never really invited anywhere, but just always kind of shows up and people just tolerate him; that is the impression that I get, at least. However, as of late, Dillashaw is quietly carving his name into the Bantamweight division. He originally got his start on the Ultimate Fighter, where he was knocked out by John Dodson at the finale, but rebounded quickly and scored an impressive win in his next bout. Things have been on the right track ever since.

Dillashaw’s next fight, against Mike Easton, should be a decent scrap. Both Dillashaw and Easton and power-wrestlers and really like the take downs. This could be a good thing, because there is a chance that their wrestling will nullify each other and force them to strike, which will put both of these guys in a position where they do not want to be. Dillashaw could benefit from this the most, because he could show off the holes that he had to patch in his game.

In his last fight, Dillashaw gassed really early into the second round, which was a strange thing; maybe it was because he was getting tagged on the feet and he did not really know how to react to the damage. Hopefully, it is something that he worked on and can exhibit that in this fight. Dillashaw has a real opportunity to right his ship, show off some new cardio, and get a solid win over a respected fighter; if he is able to do that, then maybe he will start to gain a little bit of respect.

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