UFC: Constantinos Philippou Will Redeem Himself

By Kevin Davidson
Constantinos Philippou
Rant Sports Media

Constantinos Philippou was, at one time, on a tear through the Middleweight Division. It seemed that Philippou was destined for stardom, because he was shooting up the rankings, claiming dominant wins all over the place. I guess one could say that is why I thought that he was a special fighter; Philippou did not go out there and draw out decision, he was out their dominating dudes. Sure, his finishing was not always there, but every victory he got, it was by a wide margin; I like that in a fighter. I also like how every time Philippou stepped into the Octagon, one was able to see improvement. He was constantly improving and was learning from his mistakes.

Philippou recently lost a decision to Francis Carmont. Carmont was the way better grappler and used it to his advantage to ride out a decision. The other thing that was disappointing about the fight was that it was painfully obvious that Philippou broke. It was extremely evident in the third round when he was not fighting with any sort of urgency — he gave up. There are two things that can happen after a fighter breaks — he can be content with where he is and continue to work on his strengths, but then I think that the person would be in the wrong sport. Philippou needs to rise from the ashes, and I believe that he will.

Philippou has shown moments of greatness and needs to believe that he can have more of those moments. He was broken down and will now reassess his game plan and change it. He has the perfect opportunity in his next fight to show that he is more than just a striker, and I believe that he will.

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