UFC: Lucas Martins Vows To Knock Out Bryan Caraway After His Ronda Rousey Comments

By Jeremy Green
Lucas Martins UFC
Jason da Silva-USA Today Sports

MMA fighters are a different breed than normal people. They do things that would shock the norm, and the day-to-day struggle of being a fighter is not for the weak of heart. They are also motivated to be the best, but sometimes something else gets their blood boiling, making them fight like their life depended on it. This is the case for Lucas Martins, who will be facing Bryan Caraway at UFC 170.

Evidently, Martins doesn’t take trash talk lightly, especially when it involves a woman. Martins is not a fan of Caraway for the fact that he threatened Ronda Rousey, saying that he was going to beat her teeth down her throat on Twitter. Martins responded to these comments in an interview with MMA Fighting:

“Beating a woman is wrong, so that’s another thing that will motivate me to get there and beat his ass. He will learn to get beat up by a man. Who beats a woman needs to get beat up by a man, so he will get beat up by me now. I will defend the takedowns and beat him up. I know he will go down as soon as I put my hand on him. I will knock him out in the first round.”

Martins is heated up by what Caraway said, and he’s looking to dominate him in a way that will make him think twice about threatening women, whether it’s on a social networking site like Twitter or elsewhere. Martins is on a two-fight winning streak, and he will be looking for his third against Caraway, which will be an exciting bantamweight bout with some heat going into it.

Does Martins have the right mindset going into his fight with Caraway, or will this emotion lead to an opening in the fight that Caraway can take advantage of? Stay tuned!

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