Donald Cerrone Is Secretly Fighting Fear

By Kevin Davidson
Donald Cerrone
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone is the un-crowned people’s champion. That is not my opinion; it is a fact. He won again, with a beautiful head-kick knockout and then told everyone that he wants to fight six times this year. That would be a record for most fights in a year. There have been a lot of theories about why he wants to do this; some say he wants to do it for the money, some say he wants to do it just because he can. I think he wants to do it because an active fighter is a better fighter.

Cerrone has admitted in the past that he has a hard time with the pressure of a big fight. He gets nervous, he gets scared and he cannot get comfortable in the Octagon. Cerrone is basically forcing himself to get over this fear. It makes perfect sense; if he can get comfortable in fights, then the bigger ones will not be much different. The only thing that can restrict this from happening is him staying healthy and avoiding wars.

Cerrone took virtually no damage in his last fight, which is great because he can fight in another two months. This probably will not happen again. Cerrone is primarily a striker and likes to keep fights standing, so it is very likely that he is going to get cracked one of these days. The only question that I have is will this affect his fighting style? Since he is trying to get six fights this year, will he start to fight a little more defensively? I do not think so, but I will be keeping a close eye on it. One thing is certain; six fights in a year would be insane, so I hope he can do it.

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