UFC 169: Will John Lineker Make Weight?

By Jeremy Green
John Lineker UFC
Jason da Silva USA TODAY Sports

One of the most exciting flyweights in the UFC right now is John Lineker. He’s one of the most explosive strikers, and more often times than not, he’s able to finish the fight by way of TKO or KO. He’s been so dominate, in fact, that he’s been able to get four straight wins together, and three of those wins were TKO finishes.

He’s set to face Ali Bagautinov, a fight that will determine who’s next in line to fight for the flyweight belt against Demetrious Johnson. Even though Lineker has been so successful in the UFC, he’s still a liability, particularly when it comes to making weight. Out of his last five fights, he’s missed the flyweight mark three times. It’s becoming a problem that he can’t seem to figure out, and if he misses weight one more time, he’s more than likely going to be cut from the UFC.

This is why it’s vital for him to make weight this weekend going up against Ali, because if he doesn’t, the UFC is not going to welcome him with open arms anymore. In fact, the weight cut this weekend may be his toughest battle. Hopefully, he’s changed his diet and is currently making the right moves to bring his weight down to the target level of 125 pounds. It was weird, and possibly not smart, for him to decline help from Mike Dolce. Dolce is one of the best diet experts in the game right now, and it could have really benefited Lineker.

So, will Lineker finally make the flyweight weight limit, or will he come in heavy again? Stay tuned!

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