Dana White Confirms Brock Lesnar Wants To Return to UFC; What's Best For Business?

By Andrew Fisher
Brock Lesnar
Mark J. Rebilas — USA TODAY Sports

Even though he hasn’t fought in over two years, Brock Lesnar is still one of the biggest names connected to the UFC. His tenure with the fighting company didn’t end well in 2011, as he was beaten easily in his final bout by Alistair Overeem. But now just a month into 2014, it seems a return to the octagon is a real possibility for Lesnar.

Here’s Dana White confirming to TMZ that Brock wants to fight again:

There are a couple issues at play here. Firstly, Lesnar has been declared 100 percent healthy for the first time in his adult life by doctors. Lesnar battled diverticulitis in his first stint with UFC, which resulted in him having a large portion of his small intestine removed.

One of the theories on his condition is that his body kept the disease at bay for as long as it could, until it finally took hold of him a few years back. But now that he’s fully healthy, Lesnar feels he should give fighting one more shot.

The second thing at play is his contract with WWE. By all accounts, he’s under contract through April of 2015. So obviously, something has to give. Although he’s a good enough athlete to compete for both organizations, legally, it just couldn’t happen.

But here’s the kicker – Lesnar typically works three or four big shows for WWE per year. That’s it. By the time Wrestlemania concludes each April, he’s basically free to do what he wants until late in the summer. I don’t think it’s out of the question that WWE would work with Brock and plan his dates accordingly to allow him to return to UFC. Especially if White’s comments are accurate. If Brock wants to do both, both organizations should let him compete.

I could see how White wouldn’t want Lesnar competing in WWE, but from WWE’s point of view, it would be great publicity for them to have Lesnar back in real fights.

My prediction is that Brock Lesnar will fight in late 2014 or early 2015 for UFC. It’s just good business to bring him back. He’s going to sell PPVs and draw people in. If he looks like crap in his return fight, then we’ll all know for sure that his UFC days are over. If he looks good, you know White is going to ride that train as far as he can.


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