Jose Aldo Proves Dominance Again

By Kevin Davidson
Jose Aldo
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Some men like to work in arts, sculpting, or write; Jose Aldo works in violence. Last night, Aldo put on a clinic against Ricardo Lamas and bettered him for four rounds. It was another impressive victory for Aldo and left all of the fans wondering the same question: When is Aldo moving up to Lightweight? Well, I do not have the exact answer to that question, but I have a good feeling that it will be soon. Instead of talking about the move up in weight let’s talk about the victory from last night.

The biggest factor that Aldo had going for him was his leg kicks. For those of you who do not know, Aldo is the proud owner of the best leg kicks in the UFC. He has the ability to chop fighters down and he uses them to his full advantage. The tricky move that Aldo does is instead of finishing his combination with another punch or a shot to the body is he finishes them with leg kicks. This does not immediately incapacitate his opponent, but Aldo understands that over the course of the fight these will pay dividends. The leg kicks were monumental as they took away the strength in Lamas’ legs and really took away his ability to shoot in for a take down.

It was an exquisite performance for Aldo and proved why he is the best of the best. The only negative was that Aldo started to fade in the fifth round and showed that he still has the cardio problems that have plagued him in championship fights. It could be because of the weight cut which he will not have to deal with when he moves up to Lightweight. It is clear that Aldo is a cut above the rest of his division; the only place for him to go is up.

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