Michael Bisping Is Cleared to Fight, Will Bring Madness to Division

By Kevin Davidson
Michael Bisping
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The reports are in! Michael Bisping has been given medical clearance to fight. It would seem that Bisping has done his rehab because the eye injury was supposed to be a career-ender; instead he was given the green-light to get back to training full-time. Bisping’s next fight is already set and he will be meeting Tim Kennedy in April and fans around the world should be rejoicing.

Bisping brings a very necessary evil to the Middleweight division. He is by far the most notorious trash-talker in the division and is he is also the best measuring stick that the division has to offer; that’s a good thing. The trick with Bisping is he is actually a fantastic fighter, but he has yet to be proven to be a great fighter.

Bisping has been on the verge of multiple title shots but has never really been able to get that signature win to boost him into a title fight; so, he has been regulated to being an amazing gatekeeper. You think you have a fighter that could fight a top five guy? Give him to Bisping and let’s see if he is good enough. Most people would think that this is a bad place to be in, but I think it is probably the best. The thing long and short of it is Bisping is always in big fights; no matter who he is facing, people tune into it. The other plus side of being the gatekeeper to the top five is that Bisping is constantly beating top ten guys, so he is always relatively close to getting a title-shot.

The Middleweight division is in chaos right now as Anderson Silva is out of the picture, for the time being. Bisping should bring an extra ounce of madness to the division and I think that it is all for the better.

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