MMA Rumors: Bellator to Pursue CM Punk

By Andrew Fisher
CM Punk
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No one really knows what the future holds for CM Punk. That group most likely includes CM Punk himself. After walking out on WWE last week, the pro wrestler has been MIA. No one has heard from him and it seems like he’s truly left WWE. It’s possible that his walk out is part of a storyline, but that possibility is shrinking with each passing day. His name has been removed from future promotional material and his picture has been taken off the WWE app. On top of all that, he hasn’t been mentioned by the company since the Royal Rumble PPV concluded.

So what’s next for the self proclaimed best wrestler in the world? Many think he’ll try his luck in MMA.

Punk has trained with Rener Gracie (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) for years and he’s reportedly no slouch when it comes to throwing down. However, Punk is also 35-years old.

In past Punk interviews the topic of an MMA career has come up, but he’s always shrugged it off. This is likely because he’s well aware of his status as a fake wrestler. While Punk could probably hold his own in a fight with the majority of people his size, he knows that he’d be playing with fire if he entered the octagon.

I have no doubt at all that the rumors of Bellator being interested in Punk are true. They should want to bring him in, even if it’s just a one-off situation. But at 35-years of age, would Punk really want to switch careers and start fighting for real? I don’t think so.

I also don’t rule out the possibility of him fighting, but it just doesn’t seem like a career move he’d make. He doesn’t need the money or publicity and he knows what a loss could do to his reputation.


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