Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Time For Boxers to Put Up or Shut Up

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Rivalries are not supposed to work this way. In boxing, a rivalry is supposed to be based off what happens in the ring, not to the media outside of it. Think Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier or Sugar Ray Robinson-Jake LaMotta. That is what makes the “rivalry” between the two best fighters of the last decade, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, different from all others. It is boxing’s greatest rivalry that never was.

On Thursday night Pacquiao appeared on ESPN’s late night talk show “Olbermann” to promote his April 12 fight with Timothy Bradley. By all accounts the rematch for the WBO Welterweight title that Pacquiao lost in June 2012 excited the boxing world for both storylines and for featuring pugilists of near-equal skills. However, that was until Keith Olbermann asked the Filipino Flash if he would ever fight Mayweather, the fighter to which boxing compares each to.

“I want that fight but it’s up to him,” said Pacquaio. “What I can say now is that our line is open 24 hours, seven days a week. If he will call and say ‘yes’ then the fight (will happen).”

Yeah, please.

The fight will never happen and boxing fans have given up trying. It is why fans earlier in the week got so excited for Bradley-Pacquiao II, because it was seen as the present-day equivalent of Pacquiao fighting Mayweather in 2009, the biggest fight possible. Five years ago was when Mayweather and Pacquiao’s camps got together for initial conversations about a “Super Fight.” The two got into it over Mayweather’s blood testing demands and nothing came to fruition. Same thing happened later in 2010…or so we think. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said the paperwork was filled out and all Mayweather had to do was ink it. Mayweather denies the second negotiations ever happened.

Now the fight would have no relevance whatsoever. Back when the talks were going on, Mayweather and Pacquaio were the top two pound-for-pound fighters in the business. That is not the case in 2014. Mayweather has continued to defeat anyone in demanding fashion, but Pacquiao has lost some luster. He was knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez in December 2012 and has slid down the pound-for-pound rankings that Mayweather is still securely perched atop.

With that being said, it almost makes the fight that could have earned each fighter $50 million just to step in the ring, just another fight. Mayweather would dominate Pacquiao in what I am calling a 12-round unaminous decision (barring another CJ Ross incident) to stay undefeated. Not to mention the battle that would ensue over whether HBO, Pacquiao’s network, or Showtime, for which Mayweather has a scheduled four more fights, would be able to broadcast the not-so-super-fight.

Unless their is a live telecast showing both Maywheather and Pacquiao signing their contracts for the fight, I do not want to see or hear about it. We are all sick of the antics. Let it go.

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  • Hernan Villanueva Fortu

    If this is just another fight, then the more Mayweather should be motivated to fight Pacman because it’s an easy win. But his actions tell you otherwise.

    • Kristoffer Vincent General

      Damn right my friend. Easy money, easy fight. Half a days work with full day pay. Mayweather is just afraid.

  • Jevie de Guzman

    Floyd will always duck Manny…Comparing with all boxing greats, Floyd has the longest list of alibis in the history of boxing. It is a shame that some American media are always protecting this fraud…

  • Peace Maker

    Boxing fans need to leave it, Floyd fears Pacquiao

  • Nick

    The BWAA should ask the fighter of the year to fight the fighter of the decade. As everyone is saying it should be an easy fight for Floyd. Why keep annoying Manny through social media? He says that Manny is washed up but he wants to fight khan, a boxer past his prime with a glass chin. Just asking.

  • Alvien Deriquito

    FLOYDCOTT!!!! TIM and PAC, is the closest “SUPER FIGHT” that we can all see, for a very long time. TIMPAC sounds like TUMPAK, which is EXACTLY, in tagalog, lol.
    I agree with the writer, let us all forget about the PAC and MAY, already. Let us all face it, FLOYD will not fight the PAC, for a multimillion dollar purse, a dollar purse (charity) nor winner take all fight because whatever experts like this writer say about him beating PAC, everyday of the week and thrice on sunday, it will fall in Floyd’s deaf ears. Its like FLOYD saying to the experts…. YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BOXING!!!!! the PAC will destroy me if I fight him!!!!! he he he.

  • bulletgaze

    When Floyd was doing the talking this writer say nothing and for the first time Manny say something this bias “son of his mother”, telling Manny to shut his mouth…you’re a blood boiler….

    • Kristoffer Vincent General

      Cant even get his facts straight by calling Manny the Filipino Flash.

  • Kristoffer Vincent General

    The Filipino Flash is Manny Pacquiao?
    I don’t think that the revenue/prize money/ will be affected after 2 pacman losses. Khan and Pacman are 2:2 on their last 4 fight and if i am not mistaken khan got KOd in one of those. Floyd says he does not want to fight a fighter who lost 2 of his 4 fights.

    Clearly your article is biased in favor of floyd. You have not mentioned that hatton and cotto got TKOd and Margarito got clobbered. Manny made short works of PBF opponents that PBF himself could not do. Except fpr margarito. Also, should i remind you that floyd came in over the weight limit with Marquez, if anything at all, Marquez should get a rematch. You should just stick to writing about the Patriots. Get yoir facts straight. Manny Pacquiao is The Pacman, Nonito DOnaire is the “Pilipino plash”. Pun intended.

  • Galit_bird_ko

    America is the land of the free and home of the braves! Youve got that Floyd?

  • jemsbon

    The antics was started by Floyd Mayweather when he demanded OSDT!…Without it the fight has happened already!..When a fighter is not sure of winning like Floyd, excuses always comes next like natural thing!!!..

  • Joe Peter Briol

    All excuses came frome chiken mayweather.from the very begining the truly intention was riding pacquiao greatness in order to sell he’s fight but the truth he dosen’t want to fight (risk). using 45-0 record he allowed to hype people that im the best! (Flop)..he learn castillio and judah fights before.this 2 fighter is not much power but looks what happen?style make fights is the reason why most of fights are picking.and pacquiao style can’t pick him.hide to your father fucks! And retired boxing! NO BALLS!