Anthony Pettis vs. Jose Aldo Needs to be For a Belt

By Kevin Davidson
Jose Aldo
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s funny how a couple of days can completely change a situation. After Jose Aldo demolished Ricardo Lamas to defend his title again, it seemed that a super fight between the champion and Anthony Pettis was all but a signed deal. Both Pettis and Aldo have expressed their interest in fighting each other at Lightweight, which means that Aldo would vacate his Featherweight title and fight at Pettis’ weight class. For Aldo, it is a move that the MMA community has been wanting for a while. It has been well documented that Aldo has a very hard weight cut to make the cut for Featherweight. All of this seemed hunky-dory until Aldo’s coach voiced his opinion and said that he wanted a catch weight at 150 pounds. Deals off for me, ladies and gentleman, I will not watch it.

First off, who does this coach think he is? I’m sure that it is a big deal for him to, because he has to train Aldo and keep him winning, but ultimately it is not his choice. He can advise Aldo, in private, to urge for a catch weight; not announce it to the world and put a sour taste in every MMA fan. The problem with a catch weight bout is that there will be nothing at stake. Both of the fighters can keep their title and what the fans get is nothing more than an exhibition bout.

Would I love to see Aldo and Pettis go at it? Of course! I have a pulse, and I would love to see the striking battle that would ensue, as well as how Aldo looked at his new weight, and if Pettis really is as good as everyone thinks. I want this fight, but I want it under the right conditions. These guys are at the top of their divisions; let them fight for more than just bragging rights. The UFC needs to do the right thing and make this a title fight, or else I am not going to buy the fight.

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