Lyoto Machida Could Get Title Shot with Win Over Gegard Mousasi

By Kevin Davidson
Lyoto Machida
Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If there has been one fighter in the UFC that has been near the top of the mountain his entire career it has been Lyoto Machida. He was the UFC Light-Heavyweight champion, and has rarely had a fight outside of the top-10 of the division. After Machida was chocked unconscious by Jon Jones, he decided to set his sights on the Middleweight division and made an emphatic debut by knocking out Mark Munoz in the first round with an amazing head kick. Machida is maybe one fight away from another UFC title shot, and it will come if he is able to take out Gegard Mousasi.

Dana White confirmed that if Machida wins in a decisive way he will be the next to take on the winner of Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort. I think that this is the right call to make. As I stated above, Machida has always been one of the very best in the UFC. The only problem with Machida is that his fighting style is completely defensive. Machida is one of, if not the best, counter fighters in the UFC.

He waits patiently for his opponent to make a mistake and then rushes in to capitalize on it. Sometimes this provides amazing knockout finishes and insane exchanges, but if his opponent is smart, then the fight could get very boring very quick. Look for no further proof then when Machida fought Dan Henderson; Henderson was just as patient and waited for Machida to strike, so the entire fight was lacking of action and became extremely hard to judge.

Both Machida and Mousasi have had storied careers, but Mousasi has not been guaranteed a title shot with a win. I suppose this is because he is not a big enough name as Machida and has yet to have a big fight in the UFC, barring this one. With the added weight to the fight, expect many people to have their eyes on Machida.

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